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Province of Ontario - Development of Draft Guidance For Watershed Planning

SBA, along with Greenland Group of Companies, is supporting the development of watershed planning guidance for the Province of Ontario, to assist municipalities in implementation of provincial policy direction for watershed-scale planning and broader landscape management objectives. 

Watershed planning provides a framework for the management of human activities, land, water, aquatic life and resources within a watershed and for the assessment of cumulative, cross-jurisdictional and cross-watershed impacts. The Guidance which will be prepared under the objectives of this project will support a number of existing provincial policies and programs as landscape management becomes more applied across the province. The Guidance document will support the policies in the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2017), Provincial Policy Statement (2014) and a number of other provincial policies related to watershed planning.

Our Team has undertaken comprehensive and thorough background research and literature reviews, and supported extensive consultation with stakeholders including Provincial Ministries, Conservation Authorities, Environmental Non-Government Organizations, and Indigenous communities.

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