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Martyrs' Shrine - Assessment of Sewage Works Servicing

The Martyr’s Shrine is the National Shrine to the Canadian Martyrs. The holy and historic site attracts thousands of people each year for daily spiritual activities, mass pilgrimages, guided tours, school programs and other activities.   

The Martyrs’ Shrine facility is located ON Highway 12 West in the township of Tay. The original sewage system constructed in 1965 included a sanitary sewer collection system discharging to a septic tank with four syphon chamber outlets to three existing and one future large subsurface sewage disposal systems (LSSDS). The sewage system was replaced in 2003. Improvements were required to this system in order to handle capacity from large seasonal pilgrimages and visitation of thousands to the holy site. SBA Engineers undertook a comprehensive review of the existing sewage system and recommended sewage system improvements to increase capacity. Engineering work included analysis of water metering, sewage haulage records; pilgrimages populations, extraneous flow estimates, potential inflow and infiltration rehabilitation, maximum monthly and daily sewage flow estimates and the identification and evaluation of alternative sewage works options. 

This project involved working closely with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to obtain the necessary approvals. 

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