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Township of Oro-Medonte Official Plan & Zoning By-Law Update

The Township of Oro-Medonte is located just north of Barrie in the County of Simcoe. The predominately rural Township includes open countryside, farmland, extensive forest and a number of settlement areas that are experiencing rapid growth and development. The Township includes a number of unique and significant environmental and topographic features, including the Oro Moraine, Copeland Forest, and Lake Simcoe Shoreline.  

SBA’s Municipal Planning Team is currently working to develop a new official plan and zoning by-law for the Township of Oro-Medonte. This project involves working closely with Township and County staff, community stakeholders, local indigenous communities, and members of the public to develop policies to guide the future planning and development for the community. The Official Plan ensures consistency and conformity with Provincial Plans and the new County of Simcoe Official Plan and includes new and robust policies for growth management, housing, intensification, natural heritage protection, source water protection, employment, infrastructure and transportation, agriculture, and economic development. 

At the same time, SBA is also coordinating the update to the Township’s Comprehensive Zoning By-Law which will result in the development of a zoning by-law that is cohesive and responsive to the new Official Plan. 
The official plan and zoning by-law will both include updated GIS-based mapping.

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