Taylor Wynia | B.Sc.

Ecologist | Herpetologist

Taylor Wynia completed a B.Sc.(Honors) with a Double Major in Biology & Environmental & Resource Science at the Trent University. Earlier he also completed the Fish & Wildlife Technician and Technologist programs at Fleming College. His most recent field research examined Turtle and Salamander life history while at the Algonquin Wildlife Research Station. Other past field research was completed in Alberta with Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute bio-mapping site locations across the North East section of the province. He has also has done work on species at risk, community engagement and benthic invertebrates sampling within Southern Ontario.


Taylor’s speciality is herptiles and he has conducted a wide range of field research with both amphibians and reptiles as well as participated in the production of a number of wildlife documentary films regarding these species.


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